Improve your planning, design and operation of the academic resources such as: student database, management of faculties and schools, creation and edition of courses, tests and / or exams, and management of the attendance process, among others. 


Get ahead of the competition and explore growth opportunities as you track each hotel resources, while monitoring and managing reservations and seat assignments to serve more guests and thereby increase your business revenue.


Our system will help you improve your processes, and automate and facilitate the tasks to monitor daily operations like: sales management, control stocks, deal with finances, interact with suppliers and, of course, have always satisfied customers.


Automate recurring tasks more easily and integrate new functionalities, such as: online booking, inventory management, facilitate the relationship with the client, maintain the traceability of processes, personnel administration, income analysis, membership administration and among other functionalities.


Reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, improve planning, control production stages, keep control of your inventories and the supply chain. You will be able to respond quickly to changes in the market, making smarter and faster decisions.


Stay up-to-date with customer demands and develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage with the enterprise resource planning and management solution, maximizing sales and increasing market share and satisfying your customers.


Manage the most relevant aspects, such as: projects, resources, finances, work control, personnel, among others; maintaining control and monitoring, facilitating access to information at all times and anticipating any change in the sector more effectively.


Employ in your company a Management System that allows you to optimally manage your distribution operations with picking and picking tasks, cycle count planning, real-time inventory updates and integration with different shipping providers; will guarantee the continuous improvement of its operations.


Carry out market research, sales reports, pricing policy, promotions, potential customer segmentation, campaign development, as well as the possibility of integrating functions with other modules, such as shipping and billing to close the sales cycle.


Evolve your business with your online store accessible through the internet. Allow your customers to have access to your products and services every day of the year at any time and anywhere in the world.


Share knowledge and inspire others with the most practical and efficient online learning system, which creates all the courses you need without limit of content, assessments and certifications, getting reports on the performance of your courses through graphs, filters and groups for your review.


Save time! simplify and streamline your day-to-day management of personnel recruitment. Find the ideal candidates for the future position. Reduce the number of resumes to process Select the profiles that best suit each job offer.


Nonprofits are often as complex as commercial companies, sharing many of the same internal processes entities, therefore they must also periodically report their results, so it is important to have the ability to closely monitor all internal processes, in addition to being able to generate reports automatically.